Wine from Argentina

Argentina has long been one of the world’s great wine-producing nations. The fifth largest producer, Argentine wine was for years a byword for good value, easy drinking reds. But growing confidence and an innate understanding of Argentine grape variaties and terroir have led to the country developing a reputation for fine wines to rival the world’s best.

With their high altitude and low humidity, the vineyards of Argentina, mostly concentrated in Mendoza province, have fewer problems with fungi and disease than wetter, lower regions. This means that even organic wines can be produced to a high standard. A wide variety of wines are produced. From dry yet aromatic whites using Torrontes, Pedro Gimenez and Chardonnay varieties to simple easy drinking reds using local Argentine grape variaties like Cereza. The country is even producing quality sparkling wines these days.

But when the connoisseur thinks of Argentine wine, they’re mostly thinking of Malbec. This French varietal has reached perhaps its fullest expression in Argwentina’s high-altitude vineyards, where it makes complex, heady and perfumed wines to match the finest from the Old World. Argentine Malbecs are regular winners in global competitions, and are instantly recognsisable for their dark fruit flavours and lingering finishes.