Originating in Southwest France the cabernet sauvignon variety is one of the most well known red wine producing grapes in the world. Cabernet sauvignon wines are rich, full bodied and are known to age particularly well.


The popularity of cabernet sauvignon wines is partly due to the rich taste and partly due to the ease at which the grapes grow. From its European roots, the cabernet sauvignon grape is now known to grow in a vast variety of climates and can be found in Canada, California, New Zealand and Europe, as well as a large number of other countries.

Broad range of flavours

Due to its versatility, the grape is capable of producing red wines with a broad range of flavours, depending upon the climate in which it was grown. The grapes that are grown in cooler climates tend to add notes of blackcurrant, bell pepper and asparagus. As temperatures increase, the grapes will produce notes of black cherry, black olive and black pepper. Growers in the hotter climates, such as Australia, need to be careful of not producing a wine that is over ripe, with a sickly sweet flavour.

Popular and quality choice

Despite having recently been overtaken by the Merlot grape as the worlds most planted premium red wine grape, due to its diverse and hardy nature, the cabernet sauvignon grape will remain a popular and quality choice red wine grape for many years to come.

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